Main aims of the cooperative:

  • to get access into bigger markets
  • to create prerequisites for designing better prices on the base of quality raw material
  • to give members services with production price
  • to guarantee buying in produced products
  • settling municipal needs
  • to offer consultation and training for members
  • satisfying intellectual needs.

Main reasons why to join the cooperative:

  • to reduce the expenses in buying inputs
  • to get fair and good price for raw materials
  • to give access to markets and reduce production risks
  • to buy provision and reserves
  • to reduce storage costs
  • to get a part of the sales profit from selling grain
  • to get a part of sales profit from goods turnover.

Cooperative’s aims and principles

To be a member of any cooperative one must be aware of the rights and responsibilities that come with membership and must know cooperative’s main ideas and purposes. In case these purposes do not match, then there is no reason to be a member!